Goddess - Venus

Goddess - Venus

AngMir - Hecho con Cariño
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Venus the Goddess of Self Love, beauty & care 

Our 1st Goddess in the series 

These intention pieces are a tribute to the Goddess that we are! You're beautiful! Embrace it! Own it!!!
Each crafted with setting postive intentions with a combination of natural ingredients, resin & extra love & care.  

Just as each one of us are unique so are these pieces.   They are made with the same intentions, no 2 will look exactly alike.   

approx 4” in height 

keep away from extreme heat 

As resin can be tricky to work with, some pieces might have small bubbles on outside surface.  These will be listed as option B.  They’re all still beautiful & you  have the option to choose from the 2 below.